Volunteer Mentors

A key part of the Shanduka Black Umbrellas Programme is the provision of mentorship support to its SMMEs. Mentors and mentees are assessed and matched to form an on-going mentoring relationship aimed at improving the sustainability and growth of the SMME’s businesses with the objective of:

  • transferring business skills and knowledge from mentors to mentees
  • helping the SMMEs to grow
  • help the SMMEs meet their objectives

The Shanduka Black Umbrella Mentorship Programme has a two tier structure:

  1. Volunteer Mentors– There is a database of mentors in each area who are linked one to one with participating SMMEs. Minimum time commitment by volunteer mentors:

    • one day training (once off)
    • one hour a month for mentoring
    • 30 minutes quarterly for reporting
    • three hours once a year for a mentor report back meeting
  2. Panel of experts – this consists of industry specialists across various sectors. They are called on when necessary by the mentor to address specific issues pertaining to an SMME. They also may be requested to run a workshop, or address the SMMEs from time to time.